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ROSMEL Pools is a premier Florida swimming pool company. We have been designing and building, modern and traditional swimming pools for over 25 years. In addition to our remarkable contractor reputation in South Florida, we also have experience building and renovating commercial and residential pools in Mexico and the Caribbean.

The process and steps required to complete the construction for a new pool can be overwhelming and tedious for many customers, because of this, we break down the process step by step. The first part of constructing a new pool is quite obviously, the design phase. During the designing of a new pool several things need to be dealt with such as:

• Documentation
• Building and Electrical Pre-Design
• Paint Pre-Dig Lay-out with Customer
• Color Selection and Change Orders
• Send Information to Architect or Engineer for Final Sketch
• Sketch Approval from Home Owner
• Completion of Plans
• Rosmel Review of Plans
• Final Approval
• Engineer Certification
• Submit to City
• Permit Approval by City


After all of the above mentioned things have been taken care of, we can commence the construction phase of the pool. During the construction process we also have to follow a certain order , this is done to ensure safety procedures are being properly abided by and customer satisfaction remains at stable level throughout the construction process.


Construction Phase for New Pool

• Pre-Dig with Plans
• Excavation
• Steel Form
• Steel Form Inspection
• Shell Gunite Shotcrete
• Remove Form
• First Backfill
• Plumbing
• Plumbing Inspection
• Electrical Pipes
• Second Backfill
• Coping and Tile Installation
• Electrical Rough
• Electrical Inspection
• Deck
• Pool Barrier Inspection
• Pool Prep and Equipment Installation
• Electrical Hook Up
• Site Clean Up
• Pool Plaster
• Start Pool and Back Wash
• Final City Inspection