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An infinity pool causes a visual effect in which the water and the horizon combine with the feeling of having no edges. Given their geographic characteristics, pools in Miami are often built near rivers and canals, a factor that allows a well-designed infinity pool, observed from the right angle, to appear to combine its edge with a larger body of water.

Custom Features

There are endless possibilities to add extras when designing your pool. The inclusion of additional features enhances and personalizes the backyard environment, adds fun to the pool experience and increases the value of the property. These are popular features that Miami pool owners request, both when renovating an existing pool and when building a new one.

Pool Spa

A spa or hot tub is a large manufactured tub or small pool full of heated water and used for soaking, relaxation, massage, jacuzzi or hydrotherapy.

Deck Jets

Deck jets is a feature that most of the clients building a custom pool in Miami want. Its arcs of water bring fun and excitement to the pool and spa experience.


Pool and Patio Umbrellas brings shade, comfort and style. They are designed for use with an umbrella base, by the pool, on your deck or in the water.


Fountains and waterfalls offer you a way to customize your pool and bring a sense of nature to it. There are hundreds of options, be only limited by your imagination.


A pergola adds definition to the backyard. It offers privacy and a beautiful shaded area to enjoy the summer day of Miami without worrying about sunburn.

Lighting System

Maximize on the usage of your pool even after night falls. LED light colors can be easily adjusted. The bulbs are designed to last for over 20,000 hours.


Tiles can be crafted into ornate patterns to create an unique look to your pool. Size, colors and shapes reflect the customer’s taste and accent the pool design.

Custom mosaics

That little touch to express your self. One of the most common designs in pool mosaics in Miami are representations of Florida’s marine fauna.

Products that we use



The heart of your pool system. Save money with Jandy energy-efficient pumps.



Jandy filters deliver the crystal clear water you desire, along with unique features for simple and effortless maintenance.



Extraordinary heating efficiency rating, brings comfort to your pool or spa today.



Automated and simple pool maintenance with our line of pool and spa chlorinators.



Pool Cleaners make it easier to keep your pool clean and shining.



Maximun efficiency and centralized pool control, always and available from anywhere.



Complements your pool experience with lighting.

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Rosmel Pools and Outdoors understands that in most of the occasions, a residential pool construction involves other technologies and solutions for which our company has the experience and knowledge.

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