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  • What does ROSMEL means?

Marcos Martinez has always been at the head of his companies as well as his family. In thinking of the name of the company he first thought of how proud he was of his family, especially his girls Rosy and Melisa. There came the idea of uniting their names to create ROSMEL. This serves as encouragement and constant reminder of what really matters: family. At ROSMEL POOLS our family of customers and experts working together to achieve success in our projects is what really matters.

  • What are your office hours?

Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Saturdays by Appointment only.

  • Do you have a showroom?

We have some of our most popular selections of tile, and deck on display at our office. If you do not find what

  • Do we clean and service pools?

We currently do not service pools. We do the initial chemicals and give 30 days of service to our finished projects. This is to ensure that there is no interior finish damage caused by improper chemical startups and maintenance.

  • Do you do estimates?

Yes, we can provide an estimate at your home or in our office.  We collect information about your budget, style and specific features that you can’t live without and incorporate it into a design.

  • Is the estimate free?

Yes, our estimates are free of cost.


  • Where can I obtain a survey of my property?

The survey is a map of your property with all the specifications of the land surrounding your house. It is usually included with your closing documents given to you when you purchased your home.

  • Does my property have any special easements that I cannot build on?

Easements are sections of your property that you cannot build on due to possible future use of your city or county. These easements can be found in your survey.

  • What county or city setbacks apply to my property?

Setbacks are the required distance from the pool to the house and property lines. Setbacks vary with different cities. Rosmel designers will inform you of your particular setback requirements.

  • What are my Homeowners Association requirements? Do I need their approval to build my pool?

You will need your HOA approval in order to start your project. Rosmel Pools provides architectural plans that you can provide your homeowner’s association.  We are licensed and insured.

  • Do you offer financing for my pool?

We are constantly working with local banks and some national specialty lenders that offer products specific to the pool building industry. The rates and terms change as things change with our economy. You must call ask what financing options we have available at this time.

  • What can I do that would be environmentally friendly?

Rosmel agrees that we must work together to protect our resources for generations to come and we eagerly work with our customers in establishing environmentally friendly products.  There are energy efficient pumps, filters, solar panels for your heat pumps, covers to conserve heat in your pool, eco-friendly materials, efficient and many more environmentally conscience products and practices that we can provide.

  • What products do you offer?

We install and provide information on all products relating to swimming pools and their surrounding areas. This includes decks, furnishings, summer kitchens, fountains, landscaping and more.


  • What access do I have to machinery, distribution of material, and work space available for machines?

We specialize in hard to reach yards and small access areas including coastal and island properties. Depending on pool size and location sometimes even 5’ access is sufficient although a 7’ access is standard for us.

  • Do you have any electrical issues that need to be dealt with prior to drawing plans for your pool? Do I need to upgrade my electrical panels? What if I want technology that may have additional electrical requirements?

Our representatives are trained in electrical standards needed for our standard pool equipment as well as upgrades, including heaters and automated systems. The plans must include the appropriate electrical information for your pool. One of our electricians will go out and provide you with specifications needed to provide in the plans. This service is free of charge and you will be working with an electrician that specializes in this kind of installation you might need.

  • Do I have any Underground Utilities that may be in the way during excavation?

Rosmel Pools will have your underground utilities marked but it will only be marked on the outskirts of your property.

  • Are there any Overhead Utility poles or lines that may be too close to the pool construction area?

Rosmel can find different solutions to overhead utilities.

  • Do I have any trees that I would like to preserve and that may be in the way of the machines or near the pool excavation area?

Rosmel Pools will work with you marking trees that you want to preserve. We can give you  some ideas in alternative landscaping if there is landscaping loss due to the project of building your pool. Pool companies in general will not repair landscaping but Rosmel Pools goes the extra mile by doing a final grading of soil and can also quote you to replace grass and design attractive pathways to your pool.

  • Do I need a baby fence even if I do not have any small children in my home?

There are alternatives to the baby fence that will still provide same safety precautions. We will provide you with the different choices you have in order to fulfill the pool barriers that your city or county may require.

  • What to do with pets during construction process?

Rosmel Pools understands they are part of the family and we highly recommend that all pets be kept indoors during the construction process.

  • Does someone have to be home while my pool is under construction?

Rosmel Pools coordinates all construction with the owner during the planning phase and someone does not have to be home at all times during construction.  Often you will be walking through final inspection before you know it.

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