Why remodeling your pool?

Few reasons why

Why remodeling your pool?

  • To update an outdated pool
  • To beautify your home and backyard
  • To add value to your property
  • To fix any damage caused through age or neglect
  • To spend less time on maintenance and troubleshooting
  • To enjoy your pool to the fullest

Common pool renovations

Pool remodeling
Tile replacement and repair
Coping / Deck replacement and repair
Upgrades to Salt systems
Custom features Add

Pool renovations in Miami

Some examples of what Rosmel Pools can do in the residential market

Custom Pool Features

Popular additions when thinking in build a pool in Miami

Pool Spa

Used for soaking, relaxation, massage, jacuzzi or hydrotherapy.

Deck Jets

Its arcs of water bring fun and excitement to the pool and spa experience.


Fountains and waterfalls give a sense of nature to your pool.


It offers privacy and a beautiful shaded area next to the pool.


Maximize on the usage of your pool even after night falls.


Tiles can be crafted into ornate patterns to create an unique look.

Brands we work with

Rosmel Pools and Outdoors understands that in most of the occasions, a residential pool renovation involves other technologies and solutions for which our company has the experience and knowledge.
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