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Cutler Bay RN 01

  • Pool Size: 18 x 30 feet
  • Deck Area: 1500 Sq Ft
  • Deck Material: Pavers Travertine

Custom Features added

From sketch to finalized project

Challenges & SOlutions

This page is under construction and some contents will be incorporated soon. Meanwhile you can continue enjoying the photos and other descriptions of this pool. Apologize for the inconveniences that it may cause.

— “I know this project was exceptionally fast but they are extremelly organized and don’t waste any time when working.”
John Doe
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Pool Spa

Custom features

Used for soaking, relaxing, massages or hydrotherapy. These can be installed inside or outside of your pool and styled with or without a perimeter overflow.
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Sun deck

Custom features

This is a great complement for your children to play and can give you enough space to get some laps in as well.
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Pool deck

Custom features

Used to add space to your backyard creating a smooth transition from one area to another but at the same time proving drainage and coverage to the bare dirt.
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Pool Lights

Custom features

It maximize on the usage of the pool even after night falls.

Pool waterfalls

Custom features

Fountains and waterfalls offer you a way to customize your pool and bring a sense of nature to it. There are hundreds of options, been only limited by your imagination.

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